My Killer Memories

"You have to organize your life so that each moment is significant..."

~Pretty fucking sure I'm gonna get alzheimers. So I'm gonna post here as a way to preserve all my most intimate, stupid, random, uninteresting thoughts. Memories matter.

Here mine are.


some guys are completely nice, decent guys when you talk to them. then they get around other guys and they become hypermale, stereotypical, douchey college guys. who are you trying to impress? do you take pride in being an asshole? do you think you’re cool or something? 


Happy 23rd to this ridiculously talented inspirational litttle ball of sunshine.

Happy 23rd to this ridiculously talented inspirational litttle ball of sunshine.

Junior Year Rant #1

1) Why the fuck did you even become a teacher? I’ve never met a professor so cold, unsympathetic, and unwilling to help in my entire life. Most professors already realize that our lives are hard and are more than willing to lend a comforting hand and office hours to help us along this crazy journey we call college. But you are an absolute cunt. I ask if you have resources that I can use and you don’t even think before saying “no.” You tell me you don’t have time to help me. You laugh at me when I say that I can probably teach myself via google. You’re supposed to encourage me, not pushing me down. I was really looking forward to this class and now I’m just terrified. And also you’re a shit teacher. You have no idea what you’re talking about and literally copy the handout from the board. Fuck you. 

2) Guys in college are assholes. All they want to do is sleep with girls. Yes I am allowed to generalize like that because I have met and spoken to enough of these guys to know what’s up. They treat girls like a prize. They talk about them as objects to eachother and then turn around and treat them like humans. It’s hard for a girl to practice her own sexual agency, because even if I wanted the sex—you, as a male who got the sex, get the feeling you win some sort of prize. This makes me not even want to sleep with you. Either way, you are controlling my sex life. I’m so done. 

3) I let someone I never even met borrow my textbook last week. I was kind enough to do that. And they did not even bother to find me or scan me the homework like they were supposed to. I had a panic attack because the homework is due tomorrow and I still don’t have my textbook. I had to go through all the directories and facebook pages and search for ALL the “Paul”s and look at each profile picture to see if I recognized a face. If I hadn’t found you, I’d be screwed. I’m never doing that again. I’m a dumbass for not taking down your last name. Shame on me for thinking people had a fucking ounce of consideration. 


On the other note, I feel like all this would have taken a toll on me by now and I should have had a mental break down but I didn’t. I’m just on my grind every day. And yes, while I am striving for latin honors, I also can’t get there if I constantly have breakdowns. So I’m just taking each day as it goes. If I don’t get something, I just go to office hours. If that cuts into my workout time, then it cuts into my workout time. I’m trying not to be so hard on myself, to breath, and to take each day as it comes. And I’m alot more open to working with other students now because I genuinely need their help. 

Yeah, so welcome to junior year of college. 

Fan Struggles be Real

there were only 10 VIP tickets for Hunter’s benefit conert in Boston and although I was up in there at exactly 10 AM, I couldn’t get a ticket. 

I did manage to scrounge a floor seat, so you know I will be lined up at the crack of dawn on October 1st. 


Get it HH

yasssss. good music will come out of this.


anyone know whats wrong with HH? it doesn’t sound like it was his throat, he sounded fine at Kimmel…

he tweeted he was sick